• Warm Up My Voice

    Warm Up My Voice

    Warm Up My Voice

    Warm Up My Voice

    How Long Do I Warm Up My Voice For Singing?

    In case you did not know, let it be said that warm- up is critical and essential to a healthy voice and optimum vocal production in singing. Sadly, it is often overlooked. Even well- meaning choir directors and singing teachers are guilty of speeding through the warm up process in their rush to hold onto their singers. UFABET เว็บตรง

    Often, what should be a 20 minute warm up becomes less than a measly five. Or one may find it more helpful to warm their voices up in the car on the way to a choir practice or a lesson. So, what is a good warm up time? And what makes a good warm up?Warm Up My Voice

    Singers with thinner, lighter voices are able to warm up very quickly, typically in 10- 15 minutes. Voices like mine, with thicker cords and more weight and darker timbre, take at least 25- 35 minutes of intense warm up to be ready for singing. Bigger, heavier voices need more support, and ‘stretching’ of the vocal cords for full flexibility for performance, thus they need more warm up time than thinner, and lighter voices.Warm Up My Voice

    Here are somethings to focus on when warming up:

    o Breath Support – when doing vocal exercise be paying attention to your breathing. It helps if you learn to ‘breathe’ through your stomach and not your chest. This will help you use less air, and you will breath more comfortably.

    o late burst – once you have worked with your breathing, and have gotten a good lesson on how to keep your chest and abdomen open, you need to learn to let the late voice play out smoothly, without any perceived strain.

    o hyper – these are words that can be heard, and feel as you grow older. You will find that you ‘move’ more easily, and your late voice will get better, but you may find yourself with a hiccopta, or wanting to run out on stage.

    o stretched – you know those voices that seem to be flattening in the middle, and spreading to the sides? Well, that is often a sign that the singer is working too hard, and is pushing the chords too tightly. This is the voice’s way of telling the diaphragm and the vocal cords that this is the way to go once the vocal control and power have been established.Warm Up My Voice

    o Perfectly Proper Vocal Exertion – and the vocal cords need to be worked with, not trying to push or force anything. A singer who exerts her/his vocal cord muscles more than is Needs is likely to cause damage to her/his voice. Work with your voice teacher to get an exercise routine which includes some stretching exercises for your voice.Warm Up My Voice

    As you do this, you will find that you are able to go through each stage of your voice development much more quickly.Warm Up My Voice

    o Vocal Strain – what happens when you try to sing too hard, and push your voice to get it ready for singing? You will find that you are straining to read from the diaphragm. This is a natural reflex, but usually you will find that it takes time to get control of it, and to be able to let go. A voice teacher can help with this.Warm Up My Voice

    o Vocal Problems – once you have mastered control of your breathing, and storytelling, and then you set the metronome, and your voice gets louder, you will find that you aren’t able to sing the songs that you might like to. There are a lot of reasons why this might happen, but once you recognize the causes, it is usually a signal that you are doing something wrong. A voice teacher will be able to help you with what to do in order to build your voice.

    So, to conclude. If you want to be a good singer, you will need to get a good foundation. foundation for your voice, so that you are able to reach your full range, and be able to sing the types of songs that you might like to.

    Begin with learning the scales- this is very important! Once you can master this, you will find that everything else falls into place.Warm Up My Voice

    Find a good singing teacher- I recommend a good local teacher, and if your budget allows, get one, because they will be able to help you more, and stretch you out, than a cheaper teacher.Warm Up My Voice


    Warm Up My Voice